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  • A tool for adding your own web links ( single and multi-user )
  • A tool for uploading document files to the site ( single and multi-user )

Automatic Renewal

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Interruption and Service will endeavour to provide an high quality uninterrupted service however we cannot guarantee this. Nor can we guarantee the constant availability of a particular resources.

Linked 3rd Party Resources links to a limited number of 3rd party sites that are freely available on the web. The originating source of the site is clearly displayed and so too is a direct link to the site and source which takes you outside Sign up for takes great care when selecting 3rd party sites to link to and we regularly monitor their availability. We cannot however guarantee the availbility of these sites and their on going suitability for students. Fable Multimedia ltd neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any such information or content. If you are still concerned about the suitability of 3rd party sites for students please do not subscribe to mechanics-online. Mechanics-online makes no claim of ownership relating to the linked 3rd party resources . The subscription charge relates to the access to our own content and the service of finding and organising resource. The subscription charge does not relate to access to third party resources.

Uploaded Documents

Any documents uploaded to the mechanics-online server must not contain any viruses, defamatory or sexually explicit information. We do not guarantee the availability or security of uploaded documents or files. In all cases the user should ensure that they have local backup copies of all files.


The resource library is mapped to a number of popular courses. Fable Ltd neither endorses, nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the course specification or course mappings. Course mappings are subject to change and availabilty cannot be guaranteed.


We reserve the right to discontinue a subscription at any time without justfication. Where applicable the remaining subscription fees will be refunded less any fees we have incurred.

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